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A Non-Profit Community Organization Devoted to
The Preservation of the Heritage of India, The Enrichment of Canadian Life and Culture
and the Promotion of Harmony Between the People of East Indian Origin and the Community at Large

The 25th Anniversary Dinner & Dance was held on Saturday, May 2nd 1998 with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. A lively dance item was presented by talented Seema. The main feature of the evening was a slide show on one of the most difficult trek - a trek to Manasarovar - presented by Mr. C. M. Bhandari.

A coffee table publication with breathtaking and majestic views of the Himalayas is available from the India Canada Society of Hamilton. Please contact any one of the executives of the Society. Their contact telephone numbers are listed below in the newsletter.


April -May 1998


President             Mr. Jacob Joseph              Phone: 1-905-628-2041

                                                                    Fax: 1-905-628-0667

Vice-President     Dr. Anoop Nayar              Phone: 1-905 632-4650

                                                                    Fax: 1-905-632-2623

Secretary             Mr. Jose Kudiate              Phone: 1-905-383-9681

Treasurer             Mr. Nikhil Adhya              Phone: 1-905-388-0079

                                                                    Fax: 1-905-546-2449

Councillors          Dr. Kamal Shankardass     Phone: 1-905-627-9420

                                                                      Fax: 1-905-627-7289

                            Mr. Raj Jadon                  Phone: 1-905-318-1739

                            Mr. Hara Padhi                Phone: 1-905-335-8681

                            Mrs. Rajni Gupta              Phone: 1-905-628-2993

Past President:      Dr. Sobha Wahi                 Phone: 1-905-523-7920

President's Message:

It is with warm greetings the newly elected executive committee of The India Canada Society, Hamilton and Region welcome each and every one of you on this silver jubilee year. Yes, we've come a long way as individuals and families, finding ways to establish strong foundations for ourselves in Canada. Our faiths and traditions has compelled us to build Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras and Churches so that we can worship in our own sacred places. This determination has indeed sustained us to find solace and joy in our hearts. The dedicated efforts of every one is truly commendable.

We've also become 'visible' in more ways than one. The caliber of our people in their places of employment, business and other affiliations in the Canadian society has been noticed and often acknowledged. Over the years we've earned the respect and reputation as law abiding citizens in Canada. The enthusiasm and the 'coolness' of our younger generation is great reason for the Indian community to celebrate. They keep their heads up high and proclaim their identity as Indo-Canadians. At every opportunity, they portray India's cultural diversity in a colourful and charismatic manner. India Canada Society salutes each and every Indian student organizations in the community.

At this silver jubilee year, let's celebrate our unity and diversity as lndo Canadians. Together, we can set higher goals for ourselves as a larger community. We must start "networking" with every Indian organization; so that together we can build a stronger Indo-Canadian Society for ourselves and for future generations.

Jacob Joseph, President


Please plan to attend an evening of celebration with your family and friends for the Annual Dinner and Dance. Let's celebrate the past 25 years of India Canada Society. Come and see a photographic exhibition of events past.

DATE: Saturday May 2, 1998 Time: 7.00 p.m.

PLACE: Sackville Hill Recreation Centre

708 Upper Wentworth Street (Corner of Mohawk Road & Upper Wentworth St.)

Hamilton, Ontario


A delicious Indian dinner will be served, either vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Please obtain your tickets from any of the Committee Members.

                                                                                                                    The Secretary


It was a very solemn occasion when several people gathered on Friday January 30th at McMaster University on behalf of ICS and McMaster Peace Studies to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's death. It was an interfaith tribute to Gandhi's life. Representatives from many faiths spoke on the occasion. it was indeed a moving and memorable evening.


"Gift of Sight" Dinner and Fashion Show is being organized by the Hamilton Mountain Rotary Club. The Club has helped to support the creation and maintenance of a hospital in Coimbatore, India. This hospital provides surgery and treatment to restore eyesight as well as the food and medicine necessary to reduce the problem. For every dollar we raise through our fundraising "(Gift of Sight" Dinner and Fashion show, Rotary international will donate an additional dollar, after which the funds are matched again by (EYESFGHT) international. Through this process, this year alone close to one hundred thousand dollars are being donated to the hospital in Coimbatore, India alone. The other recipient of funds is Tumkur School for Blind in Bangalore, India.

When the club is doing so much in our Country of origin, it is very desirable that we show our support to this very worthy cause. Tickets for dinner and an evening of entertainment are $35.00 per person or better still reserve a table for 10 for $350.00

For further information contact, Santokh Pooni 1-905 627-4678

Viva Las Vegas


Dinner & Fashion show

Wednesday, April 22nd, 1998

7:00 p.m. (6:00 p.m. cocktails)



Additional attraction: Silent Auction, major prize draws

Community News


The very first program the new executives of 1998 organized was a dinner and farewell party for the Former Consul General of India in Toronto, Mr. Rajiv. K. Bhatia. It was held on January 9, 1998 at the Faculty Club, McMaster University. It was a great evening with friends and families from Hamilton and surrounding areas. Several friends from Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto also came to say Good-bye to Mr & Mrs. Bhatia. On behalf of the India Canada Society, a plaque was presented. Also represented from the Consulate were Mr. V.K. Sachdeva-Consul and Mr. R.K. Jain-Consul.

7th Annual Festival of India Culture Show

McMaster Indian society presented a very colourful and entertaining evening on March 7th , 1998 at Sir John A. McDonald highschool auditorium. It was indeed a night to remember for those who attended the event. Several programs representing many regions of India were colorfully presented. McMaster Indian students once again showed their pride in their Indian heritage and quite professionally portrayed India's music, dance and fashion. India Canada society salutes MIS for a job very well done.


The Hindu Spiritual Society of Hamilton & Region celebrated Holi Festival on March 14thw It was a joyful occasion with music and dance and good food. The spirit of Holi was colourfully portrayed and was enjoyed by everyone who attended.


A draft constitution of the India Canada Society is sent to all members at large for review and response accordingly. It has become necessary to amend the constitution in order to address community concerns on certain issues and keep up-to-date on memberships, election, and other matters.

Please review the 'Draft Constitution' before final approval at the Annual General body.

Please mail or fax your comments to:

The President

India-Canada Society

P.O. Box 46524

Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4R5

Phone: (905) 628-2041

Fax: (,905) 628-0667


India Canada Society newsletter committee invites community participation.

a. Please send us informative items about your community and future programs.

b. Please sponsor the newsletter with your business or personal advertisement, for a wider exposure in the Indo-Canadian community at large.

C. Individual condensed articles of good taste about areas of interest and concern to us all.

d. Children's comer.

e. Other ideas.

Please send your item to:

The Editor

ICS - Newsletter

P.O. Box 46524

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA, L8S 4R5

Note: The Editor has the final discretion on whether to accept or reject an article.


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