National Indo-Canadian Council

Message from the President

The mission of the National Indo Canadian Council is the empowerment of the communities it represents. 

There is no better medium in the fulfillment of this task. It facilitates communication between the council, its members, and other stakeholders on issues and concerns related to equity and access. The main concern of Indo-Canadians are similar to those of the other visible minority immigrant communities. The strength of the community and the council lies in the hands of grassroots. 

Our objective is to encourage and assist Indo-Canadians to participate fully in Canadian Society and to address matters that specifically concern Canada. To provide members with a national forum in civic, social, and economic matters.

The executive of National Indo-Canadian Council (NICC) is committed to continue to provide a valuable and balanced input on all issues and concerns affecting Indo-Canadians such as multiculturalism, racial  discrimination, settlement, employment, and immigration. The new Federal Government is revisiting multiculturalism, which came into effect in 1971. We should be vigilant that it is not lost in the shuffle.

We need your input and support to bring the community and issues together. You are the back bone of the Council. 

We will update our website with issues and concerns. We will publish news letters, articles, commentaries, your letters and your views. It will be a mouthpiece for NICC in their pursuit of fairness and equity in the Canadian Society. We will be also working as liaison between the Canadian and Indian Governments.

Vinay Dey

National President, 2005-2007


India Canada Resource Centre, Calgary has been approached by some employers in Alberta for jobs available with them. Various jobs are available in the following categories :
Nurses in various fields e.g. MRI and Medicine 
Engineers in various branches e.g. Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical
Diploma holders in various fields.
If interested, please send your resume to  by September 15, 2006

National Indo Canadian Council will hold their Annual General Meeting and Conference in Montreal from September 29, 2006 to October 1, 2006.


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