Name: The organization shall be called “Panorama India”

Registered Office:  The Registered Office of the Organization shall be located at: (AWIC’s office)


 a)                  To function as a co-ordinating body for all Indo-Canadian organizations, including, but not limited to, business, social, cultural, religious, and media organizations;

b)                  To showcase the Indian Community’s diversity and achievements in Canada;

c)                  To contribute towards the enrichment of the Canadian mosaic;

d)                  To support and co-ordinate events and activities relating to issues concerning Indo-Canadian community at large;

e)                  To foster harmonious relations amongst Indo-Canadians and people of India.

f)                    In furtherance of the foregoing objects, to hold at least two community events each year, one in conjunction with India’s Independence Day and one in conjunction with India’s Republic Day.