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Calendar of Significant Events





2 Aug.  1918      Born at Hyderabad, Sind
             1936      Passed B. Sc. Examination (University of Bombay)
             1937      Passed First LL. B Examination (University of Bombay)
             1939      Left home to stay at the Lotus feet of the Beloved Master, Sadhu Vaswani.
             1940      Passed M.Sc. Examination
12 Nov.1948     Migrated to India with Sadhu Vaswani
1962 to 1976     Worked as Principal of St. Mira College for Girls, Pune
             1966      Sadhu Vaswani dropped his physical body. Dada was requested to be the Sole                                      Life Trustee of the Brotherhood Association.
21 Feb. 1978     Brotherhood Association renamed as Sadhu Vaswani Mission.
    April 1982     Addressed the World Hindu Conference at Colombo.
18 Apr. 1984    Spoke at the Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium, U.N.O. on "World Peace".
  8 Jul.1984       Addressed the 10th World Hindu Conference at Madison Square, New York
20 Jul. 1984      Accorded reception at the House of Commons, London. Spoke on "World                                      Without Wars".
25 Nov. 1986  Launched the Meatless Day Campaign.
9 Jan. 1989      Inauguration of Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital, Pune, by Mother Teresa.
  Apr. 1993     Addressed the Global Forum of Spiritual Leaders and Parliamentarians on                                      Human Survival at Kyoto, Japan.
7 Aug. 1993     Addressed World Vision 2000 at Washington. Spoke on "Inspiration from                                      Swami Vivekananda's Life and Philosophy"
Aug. 1993        Addressed the World Parliament of Religions, at Chicago. Spoke on                                      "Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man".
10 Mar. 1994   Laid the Foundation Stone of the Cancer Hospital, Sadhu Vaswani Medical                                      Complex.