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No. Tor/705/l/99                                                                           June 03, 1999

Panorama India - Towards the new Millennium

        The Consulate General of India in partnership with the Harbourfront Centre and full cooperation of the Indo-Canadian community of Greater Toronto area and neighbouring Municipalities is organising a four-day festival titled "Panorama India - Towards the new Millennium" at the Harbourfront Centre, Toronto during August 12-15, 1999. We expect up to 100,000 people to visit the Harbourfront Centre over the Independence Day weekend. These would include mainstream Canadians and visiting tourists to Toronto. The ethnic electronic and print media will be promoting the festival and all associated events in a major way. Members of the new Ontario Government, leaders of political parties, federal Ministers, MPs, MPPs, Mayors, Councillors, all leading professionals from Indo-Canadians, Executive Committee members of all associations and organisations, business and industry houses and other well wishers will be part of all official functions at Harbourfront Centre. The publicity mileage would reach the entire Indo-Canadian community all over Canada.

        To mark the event we propose to publish a 64 pages brochure commemorating the event. It will contain some useful information on India, all visa/passport information, general information on Canada-India relations, etc. and will be a useful book everyone will like to keep in their libraries. We expect to print 5000 copies and will be distributed during the major official functions of the event which include seminar being conducted on 12th August, Opening Ceremony at the Harbourfront Centre on 13th August and Flag Hoisting as well as reception on 15th August as the culminating event of the festival. In this way, the brochure is expected to reach all important persons/institutions within the Indo-Canadian community, Federal and Provincial Ministers/Govt. servants/journalists and opinion makers in Canada.

        For the publication of the brochure and partly fund raising, we are requesting support through sponsorships which have been categorised as follows:-

        i) C$ 1,500 - This would include one page black & white advertisement in the brochure and
                 one table of 10 persons during the dinner being held on 16th July as a curtain raising
                 event for the festival. The sponsor would be allowed to put up a banner in Payal
                 Banquet hall where the dinner is being organised, and one at the Harbourfront
                 Centre during the festival.

        ii) C$ 1,000 - As a sponsor of the Curtain Raising Dinner, one table for 10 persons and a                    banner at the Royal Banquet Hall.

        iii) C$ 1,000 - One page black & white advertisement in the brochure.

        iv) C$ 600 - Half page black & white advertisement in the brochure.

        Sponsors can either provide finished artwork of advertisement or donate space for publication of important articles or information of public interest. Sponsor's name and logo will be carried prominently - on the top or bottom of the page along with text of the article in the brochure.

        Please let us know your decision at the earliest but not later than Monday, 21st June, 1999. Your cheque may be drawn in favour of Panorama India and sent to Mr. Praveen Verma, Consul, Consulate General of India, Toronto for onward transmission to Dr. Kunjar Sharma of BDO Dunwoody Ward Mallette, who are the Accountants and Auditors for the event.   

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