January 2001

*Thank you very much for your responses. We were so overwhelmed that we had to virtually close visible components (fax and e-mail) of our activities while we were catching up on responses already received and setting up to enlarge our capacity to serve you better.

During the last three months, (1) we helped an nri in registering a non-profit organization, (2) we assisted a family in sending human remains of their relative to India, (3) we helped some families in their needs to travel for emergency reasons, (4) we advised several new immigrants to Canada, (5) we helped an nri in setting up internet and e-mail on his computer, (6) we developed private and/or semi-private files at our web site for various activities such as (a) using such private files for communicating drafts for greeting card for the Consulate General of India as well as brochure for the Republic Day of India, (b) setting up an online directory of members for Vanik Samaj of Toronto, ………… 

Indeed, although not very visible due to cutbacks in our fax and e-mail campaign, we were very busy. We are now getting back on tracks with larger capacity and more activities. Keep in touch. 

*Panorama India in co-operation with the Consulate General of India presents Republic Day of India – 51st Anniversary Celebrations between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on January 28, 2001. For details, please call Surinder Sharma at 416-871-1718 or Madhu Tahiliani at 905-826-7077 or click "Community News" on the left panel.

*Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce Montreal Council invites you to a seminar “Investment Outlook for 2001” on January 31, 2001. For details, please call their office at 416-224-0090, or 1-800-873-4222, or click "Business & Trade" on the left panel.

*Several youth members of nri community and new professional immigrants are seeking career opportunities. If your organization has any openings or if you can help in any way, please call us at 416-725-0909 or write to us at admin@nri-link.com.