September 2001

FOR A TRIBUTE (with guests Mr. Raminder Gill, Ms. Mary Ferguson, Mr. Narendra Datar, Mrs. Swati Gandhi and others) TO THE VICTIMS OF THE TRAGEDY IN USA, PLEASE CLICK a) HERE (for cable speed) or 
b) HERE (for 56K speed)

* To make donations to Red Cross Society, please call 1-800-416-1111. For more information, please contact your local Red Cross office.

* Vanik Samaj of Toronto organized its annual picnic and annual general meeting on August 19, 2001. For details, please call Bansilal Shah at 416-292-7959 or click "Community News" on the left panel.

* JSS Spiritual Mission, West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA organized a lecture/seminar by Siddeshwara Swamiji on Sunday, August 26, 2001 at 230 College Street in Toronto. For details, please call Shivananda Prabhu at 905-315-7437. 

* Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce, Canada-India Business Council, Dept. of Foreign Affairs & International Trade, and Ontario Exports Inc. organized an Open Forum with Peter Sutherland, Canada's High Commissioner to India on Wednesday, September 5, 2001 at Ontario Investment Service in Toronto. For details, please contact or call 416-214-5947 x 21.

* Rasik Arts presents UMRAO directed and adapted by Sally Jones on September 5-16, 2001. For details, please call Rasik Arts at 416-654-9231 or click here. 

* Sri Chinmoy Meditation Center presents a FREE meditation seminar on Friday, September 21, 2001. For reservations and details, please call 416-588-7767.

* The Consulate General of India in association with Panorama India, State Bank of India (Canada), Hindi Language Associations/organisations, and Hindi Teachers is organising  Hindi Diwas on Sunday, September 23, 2001. There is no admission charge. Light refreshments will be served. For details, please call Surinder Sharma at 416-871-1718, Madhu Tahiliani at 905-826-7077, or Praveen Verma at 416-925-3230.

* Art-East proudly presents the third world premiere of Rashtravani (Voice of a Nation) bahu-rang (colors) on Saturday, September 29, 2001. For details, please call 416-283-1853 or click here. 

* World Literacy of Canada presents an evening with Michael Ignatieff on Wednesday, October 24, 2001. For details, please call us at 416-725-0909.

* Toronto Don Valley Rotary Club in association with Panorama India will hold a raffle draw on Saturday, January 26, 2002. Tickets are now available at $ 10.00 each. For details, please call Surinder Sharma at 416-871-1718 or Madhu Tahiliani at 905-826-7077 or click "India Day 2001" on the left panel..

* In memory of Dr. Ramesh Sheth, Dr. Sheela Sheth & Ketan (Palm Beach Garden, Florida) presented a Bhavanjali sung by Kalpana Bharat. To listen to the prayer "He Naaath Jodi Hath" please click here.