March 2002

FOR OUR SPECIAL ON TRAVEL PART 2 (with guests  Mrs. Nilufer Mama, V. P. Tradewind Associates and Mrs. Meena Bhandari, Journalist and wife of Mr. C. M. Bhandari, Consul General of India, Toronto), PLEASE CLICK  HERE.

On the occasion of our fourth anniversary, we feature the following series of special video presentations. These presentations were co-ordinated by the National Indo-Canadian Council - Toronto Chapter and were video taped in presence of a live audience of about 40 persons on February 24, 2002 in Scarborough, Ontario.

a) For a presentation on "Immigration" (with guests Mr. Jay Chauhan, Lawyer and Mr. Tushar Shah, an Immigration Consultant), PLEASE CLICK  HERE.

Since February 24, 2002, some changes to Immigration Rules were announced. In this regard, the following comments were sent to us on March 10, 2002 by Mr. Chauhan at our request.

Canadian Immigration Rules for Transition from old point system to the new one. 

The old immigration rules which emphasized the job skills will be changed to a point system where the primary criteria for admission to Canada will be based on university education and English or French language skills. Those who applied prior to 17th December, 2001, will continue to be assessed under the old system until 1st January, 2003 and the pass mark will remain at 70 under the old system. The point system will come into effect on the 28th June 2002. Those who apply after 17th December,2001, will be assessed under the new system and the pass mark for new applicants will be determined in the next few months.

Jay Chauhan is a immigration and business lawyer and has practised for 30 years in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

b) For a presentation on "A Silver Mine in Cuba" (with guest Dr. Sethu Raman, CEO and President Holmer Gold Mine), PLEASE CLICK  HERE.

c) For a presentation on "A Gold Mine in Ontario" (with guest Dr. Sethu Raman, CEO and President Holmer Gold Mine), PLEASE CLICK  HERE.

d) For a presentation on Farewell to Mr. Praveen Verma, Departing Consul, Consulate General of India, Toronto, & Mrs. Deepa Verma and welcome to Mr. Krishan Khetarpal, Incoming Consul (with guest artist Rashmi Anand)
-     Part 1
-     Part 2
-     Part 3, PLEASE CLICK  HERE.
-     Part 4, PLEASE CLICK  HERE.

* Our sincere condolences to Mr. Balwant Desai for loss of his mother.    

* Bharathi Kala Manram, Canada has organized 30th Annual Thyagaraja Music Festival on Saturday, March 23, 2002 and Sunday March 24, 2002. For details, please call N. R. Subramanian at 416-497-4760.

* Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce has organized an I.T. seminar  "Technology Trends and Direction" with Keynote Speaker Mr. Arup Gupta, President, Tata Consultancy Services on Thursday, April 4, 2002. For details, please call their office at 416-224-0090.  

* Vanik Samaj of Toronto has organized Annual Talent Show on Saturday, April 6, 2002. For details, please call Bansilal Shah at 416-292-7959.

* Sampradaya Dance Creations in collaboration with Bharathi Kala Manram, Canada presents the world premier of “Tyagaraja Vaibhavam” on Friday, April 12, 2002. For details, please call N. R. Subramanian at 416-497-4760. 

* Brahmin Samaj of Ontario has organized its Annual General Meeting, cooking competition, and children's party on Sunday, April 14, 2002. For details, please call Ketan Pandya at 905-474-3147.

* The 2nd Legacies Festival featuring Poetry Reading & North Indian Classical Music and Dance will be presented on Friday, April 19, 2002 and Saturday, April 20, 2002. For details, please call 416-944-8304 or Rina Singha at 416-463-1710. 

* Vedanta Society of Toronto has organized a lecture “Reflection of Oneself” by Guest Speaker Buddhist Monk, Brother Doji (Thich Dao Tri) on Friday, April 28, 2002. For details, please call Swami Pramathananda at 416-240-7262.

* Picasso Publications presents “Proud City” by Amo Sulaiman. For more information, please call 1-877-250-book or 

* Col. M. Azamattulla (Retd.) recently sent us a letter titled “AYODYA” – RIOTS IN INDIA. For details, please click here

* Spiritual Heritage Education Network (SHEN) organizes a series of periodic seminars on topics related to spirituality. Generally, they organize six seminars per year, one on each of the last Thursday of odd numbered months. Seminars are expected to start at about 7:00 p.m. For details, please contact Shiv Talwar at

* For "Indian Fantasy Cruise", organized by Travelbest, please call Subash Chauhan at 1-866-846-7005 or 905-660-7005 ext. 238 or 229  or click here.

* Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce invites nominations for 2002 ICCC Awards. For details, please call their office at 416-224-0090.

* Pushtimargiya Vaishnava Samaj of Canada organizes every month Ekadashi Satsang in Mississauga. For more information, please call Jayanti Shah at 905-455-2206, P. K. Shah at 416-286-8556, or Raju Shah at 905-479-0507 or click "Community News" on the left panel.  .  

* Himalaya Arts offers various services including professional videography, photography, and DJ services. For details, please call Parvinder Singh at 416-505-2223 or click "Business & Trade" on the left panel.  

* Academy for Mathematics & Science offers FREE evaluation of your children's aptitude. For details, please call James Kumar at 416-754-1108 or click "Business & Trade" on the left panel.  

* Five Star Auto Service offers free estimates on general automobile repairs. For details, please call Imam Khan at 416-609-9474 or click "Business & Trade" on the left panel.  

Our sincere condolences to Mrs. Seema Shah for loss of her father.