April 2004

* Tsar Publications announces a new release "Chiffon Saris" by Feroza Jussawalla (Professor of English at the University of New Mexico). For details, please call Nurjehan Aziz at 416-483-7191.

The following presentations were video taped in presence of a live audience of about 500 persons at the last talent show held in 2003 in Brampton, Ontario.

a) For presentation by Ashie Dalal and Kruti Mehta Part I, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

b) For presentation by Ashie Dalal and Kruti Mehta Part II, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

c) For a lively dance on popular song "Nimbooda", PLEASE CLICK HERE.

d) For presentation by Ms. Nilima Parikh as "Draupadi", PLEASE CLICK HERE.

* Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce - Young Professionals presents “Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow – A Women’s Leadership Seminar” on Wednesday, April 21, 2004. For details, please call 416-224-0090 or visit our web site.

* India Canada Association, Kitchener Waterloo in conjunction with the East Indian Ladies Club and Gujarati Association presents "Pattano-Pradesh" on April 23, 2004. For details, please call Ian Mendes at 519-585-7577, Chandrika Anjaria at 519-579-2797, Shanta Dubey at 519-885-2772.

* SEWA Canada (an internationally affiliated Canadian registered charity) has organized a Banquet on Sunday, May 9, 2004. For details, please call Mona Aggarwal at 905-940-8140, Ashok Gautam at 519-658-6077, or Rajeev Dubey at 416-884-4338 or click here.

Our sincere condolences to Mitra Sen who lost her father Dr. Amar Sen on March 14th.

Our sincere condolences to Bansi Shah who lost his brother Mr.  Rajnikant Shah on April 5th.