This site is being developed for the purpose of international information exchange among NRI's (Non-Resident Indians) and growth as well as development of the NRI community around the globe. Information exchange is intended to occur at all different levels - ranging from intellectual information exchange among visionaries, thinkers, and planners, professional and business information exchange among professionals and businessmen, artistic information exchange among artists, as well as information exchange for personal needs such as health, finance, education, travel, marriage, etc. This idea of "total" information exchange occurred to us as a result of our experience for over twenty five years of community work.


Our vision is to provide a forum - a vehicle - to exchange information through letters, specific articles, interviews, announcements, audio/video presentations, and any other means available through recent technology. How this forum will develop depends on how NRIs respond to this opportunity. Do not hesitate to forward any information you would like to present on this website. We will strive our best to include it.


We sincerely thank our sponsors in supporting our endeavours. It is this support that allows us to offer free announcements to community groups and to all individual NRI's and RI's around the globe. Please feel free to register so that we can understand your needs and provide you desired information. There is no charge to register. However, we would appreciate if community organizations make a contribution of fifteen U.S. dollars per year or a one time contribution of one hundred and fifty U.S. dollars. Please make your cheques payable to Merchant & Associates. Although registration is free, priorities for presentations/announcements to be made will be given in the following order : advisors, sponsors, life subscribers, regular subscribers, and registrants.


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