July 2005

* The Thirteenth Biennial Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Human Ideas on Ultimate Reality and Meaning will be held in Toronto from August 3-6 2005 at Regis College, University of Toronto. For details, please contact Shiv Talwar at shivtalwar@spiritualeducation.org.

* Galilean International presents Vijay Benedict live in concert on Saturday, August 6, 2005. Admission is free. For details, please call Suhasni Shah at 416-769-0563 or David Peters at 416-829-1986.

* Vishwa Gujarati Samaj has organized a workshop “The Art and Science of Doing Business with China” on August 12-13, 2005 in Ahmedabad, India. For details, please contact them at vgsa@icenet.net.

* Brahmin Samaj of Ontario has organized its Annual Balev Picnic & Janoi Ceremony on Sunday, August 14, 2005. For details, please call Nelesh Sharma at 416-743-6204.  

* Panorama India has organized its Annual Independence Day Celebrations on Saturday, August 20, 2005. For details, please call Mehroo Chothia at 416-471-4269 or Ratna Viswanadha at 416-905-814-9301.

* According to some e-mails we have received, The Red Planet (MARS) will come to within 34,649,589 miles of Earth on August 27th and will be (next to the moon) the brightest object in the night sky. The next time Mars may come this close will be in 2287. At the beginning of August, it will rise in the east at 10 p.m. and reach its azimuth at about 3 a.m. By August 27th, it will rise at nightfall and reach its highest point in the sky at 12:30 a.m.

* Zoroastrian Society of Ontario presents a ‘garbar ghotalano’ Parsi Gujarati Natak Behram Ni Sasoo on Saturday, September 10, 2005. For details, please contact Bapsy Surti at 416-620-9284 or Rati Mistry at 905-770-4060. 

* India Canada Association, Waterloo Region presents Mela 2005 : 3rd Annual South Asian Cultural Festival at Forest Heights Collegiate Institute, Kitchener, Ontario on September 10 2005. For details, please call Ian Mendes at 519-585-7577, Chandrika Anjaria at 519-579-2797, or Shanta Dubey at 519-885-2772.

* Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce is proud to promote the 11th Technology Summit being organized in New Delhi from September 20-23, 2005 by International Trade Canada in collaboration with its Government of Canada Science & Technology partners. For details, please call 416-224-0090.

Our congratulations to Vipal (son of Nirmal & Kashmiri Lal Monga) and Mia-Margaret (daughter of Mariko & Gerald Laabs) who were married on July 2, 2005 in Mississauga, Ontario.

Our congratulations to Bianka (daughter of Minaxi & Pravinchandra Shah) and Viral (son of Jyotsnaben & Rajubhai Shah) who were married on July 10, 2005 in Vaughan, Ontario.