Immigration & Citizenship

NRIs around the globe inevitably have to consider issues related to immigration and citizenship, no matter where they reside. NRIs as well as immigrants from other countries recently went through detailed examinations and discussions on proposed changes to immigration and citizenship laws in Canada.

chauhan1.JPG (58157 bytes)Mr. Jay Chauhan*, Co-Chair, National Committee on Immigration, National Indo-Canadian Council has given us his comments on these proposed changes. These comments are presented below.

 * Jay Chauhan is a senior immigration lawyer in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.


Please note that a) the hearings on the Trempe Report are now over b) the comments below are personal views of Mr. Chauhan. The official brief submitted by the National Indo-Canadian Council appears in the NICC-National section, c) that the management of this website may or may not agree with all the comments in the article below,  and d) that if you wish to have a copy of briefs submitted by other organizations, please contact us at


For the article "Canadian Immigration- Who determines your future? The Immigration Act or Bureaucrats?" by Jay Chauhan*, please click  here.


In addition to the above article and brief submitted by the National Indo-Canadian Council, we have on file briefs, comments,.... by Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI), COSTI-IIAS Immigrant Services, National Congress of Italian Canadians, The Canadian Arab Federation, Inter-Church Committee for Refugees, Air Transport Association of Canada, Toronto District School Board, Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture, Teachers of English as a Second Language Association of Ontario, Ukrainian Canadian Congress, James P. egan, Partner, Donahue & Partners and others. These may be of interest to professionals in the field of Immigration & Citizenship. If you need a copy, please contact us at


For the article "The New Immigration Bill C31 in Canada in the year 2000" by Jay Chauhan*, please click here.