We have included below seven presentations - in the areas of racism, multiculturalism, community project planning, immigration, and happiness. All seven are real stories which could be of interest in planning at personal and community levels. Some other presentations which may be of interest from planning point of view may also appear in business & trade as well as personal matters sections.


Whether you are a Jain, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist....what would you do if a religious symbol revered in your religion is ridiculed or presented improperly by others ? Some of the NRIs may have already taken some actions. Let us share your experiences which may be useful to all of us in future.

For a ruling by the Ontario Press Council upholding a complaint by Prakash Mody of Toronto against the Toronto Star, please click "Racism" on the left panel.


It has come to our attention that there are other international publications that print religious symbols in inappropriate ways. Prakash Mody of Toronto has also written to another publication in regard to improper printing of the swastika. If you are concerned or have ideas on how to deal with these issues in future, please write to us at planning@nri-link.com. We can link you up with NRI lawyers and/or community leaders who can work with you.


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Based on a true story that happened in Scarborough, Ontario, talented Mitra Sen has produced a short movie "Just a Little Red Dot" which has won many awards around the world. How a little red dot on the forehead of a little girl is first ridiculed by schoolmates and then becomes a reason to celebrate racial differences in a unique but harmonious way can be experienced through this movie. If you wish to show this movie to your community members during your community group event, please write to us at planning@nri-link.com. This movie can provide  entertainment as well as education to your members. It can be a good starting point to discuss what other positive means can be employed in future in your community to promote racial harmony and to project positive aspects of your heritage  For more information, you may also visit our Arts & Talent section.

Community Project Planning

What are your community group plans for the 21st century? What your community group would be doing in the 21st century? Where? How? We know several community groups are developing their long range plans. If you wish to share your plans or promote your projects/activities, please send us information about your projects/activities.

When it comes to planning for a church, mosque, temple, or a community centre, most of the steps involved in planning process are common. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us. We may be able to get you the necessary information or contacts.

For a pictorial view and details on a multi million Canadian dollar mandir project as visioned by Swami Narayan Hindu Mission, Canada, please click "BAPS" on the left.

Immigration & Citizenship

For the presentation and articles on immigration and citizenship, please click  "Immigration" on the left panel.


For the article "Canadian Immigration- Who determines your future? The Immigration Act or Bureaucrats?" by Jay Chauhan*, please click  "Immigration" on the left panel.


For the article "The New Immigration Bill C31 in Canada in the year 2000" by Jay Chauhan*, please click  "Immigration" on the left panel.


Will you be happy in the 21st century? What will make you happy? happier? Where should you go to be happy? 

Here are three stories 
1) an e-mail we received from Prof. Ramsinh Asher from Washington D.C. which outlines the research led by London School of Economics Professors 
2) an article we received from Indian Investment Centre, New Delhi - titled "Model NRI rebuilds Village in Andhra Pradesh"
3) an article we received from Indian Investment Centre, New Delhi  - titled "Couple toils in US to provide Free Education for Girls Back Home - School runs on Cabbie's Sweat"

Please click "Happiness" on the left for all three stories.

We are working on the development of three sections :

a) planning for individuals and families

There is a proverb in Gujarati : "Pahelu Sukh Te Jate Narya" meaning your first happiness is your own health. Indeed, without health, you cannot enjoy your wealth or achieve your goals. Preventive medicine helps in maintaining your health. We have received enquiries in this area. We are looking for contacts/links for M.D.s in preventative medicine in Europe and U.S.A. If you know any M.D.s, please write to us at planning@nri-link.com. We will be dealing with other issues in planning for individuals and families in future.

b) planning for business entities

We will be dealing with issues related to planning for small businesses and planning for large corporations. Please forward your comments, stories, articles, on topics such as forecasting, budgeting, management-by-results, variance analysis , zero base budgeting, goal setting, SWOT analysis........

c) planning for community groups, charitable organizations, and non-governmental agencies.

We will be dealing with issues related to planning for community groups and non-governmental agencies. Please forward your comments, stories, articles, on topics such as setting out object goals, drafting a constitution, rules and regulations to govern your group/organization, preparing a set of by-laws (including rights of your members, election procedures, disclosure of public information...), conducting meetings, recording and keeping minutes, planning for long range community projects, developing and implementing on-going projects/activities......

Your  suggestions,  comments,  and   ideas  on any issues related to planning for the 21st Century will  be  greatly  appreciated.

Please forward your articles, announcements, comments, ....to   planning@nri-link.com.