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Sabar Patel

SabPate2.jpg (8600 bytes)Mrs. Sabar Patel, an active Zoroastrian community member in Toronto area, passed away, and will be sadly missed by a large number of grieving family members and friends. She contributed significantly to the activities of various community projects. She was very active with India Canada Association, Toronto in 70's and 80's. Below, Mrs. Patel can be seen with Dr. G. S. Dhillon, the then High Commissioner at Ottawa; Mr. P. Soni, the then Consul General of India at Toronto, the executives of the India Canada Association; and others. These photographs were taken sometime in late 1970's.

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Below, Mrs. Patel is seen with late Dr. Govid Shah on her left and Mrs. Suhasni Shah on her right. Others in the photograph are not identified.

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