We sincerely appreciate the support of our friends who sent in hearty congratulations and thank those who were present at the 80th birthday party for our dear mother Sushila Merchant. It was a unique way to respect our seniors, to involve three generations in furthering our values, to promote multiculturalism and racial harmony, and to showcase talents of various ethnic groups.  Some photographs taken on this occasion are presented below. Over 125 photographs are stored in a private file for more personal viewing.

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The Merchant Family at the 80th birthday party for Sushilaben Merchant on Sunday, August 9, 1998 at Toronto, Ontario, Canada

From left to right : Kunjita Merchant (granddaughter), Gaurang Merchant (third son), Anjana Merchant (third daughter-in law), Vasant Merchant (brother-in-law), Jayesh Merchant (nephew), Mrudula Merchant (sister-in-law-bhabhi), Dhanesh Merchant (first son), Sushilaben Merchant, Shashi Merchant ( first daughter-in-law), Eric Merchant (grandson), Himanshu Merchant (grandson), Rekha Merchant (second daughter-in-law), Rajen Merchant (second son), Reena Merchant (granddaughter), Ketki Shah (daughter), Raxit Shah (son-in-law), Prem Shah (grandson), and Punit Shah (grandson).

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