* View two photographs taken at the 3rd anniversary celebrations of the Mall Walkers Club organized by the Management of the Malvern Town Centre on Wednesday, February 16, 2000. For details, please call Azeema Safraj at 416-286-5905 or click "Mall Walkers Club" on the left panel.

*Indo-Canadian Seniors Club has organized a Picnic. For details, please click "Indo-Can. Seniors" on left.

*Balmukund Parikh (father of Gitu Parikh) who was also known as Swami Gitaprakashanand passed away recently in England. For a tribute to him, please click "Balmukund Parikh" on the left panel.

*A special surprise party to honour Mrs. Sushilaben Merchant on the occasion of her 80th birthday was organized. For details and photographs, please click "Sushila Merchant" on left.

*For a tribute to Ramesh Mishra by Shiam Tripathi please click "Ramesh Mishra" on the left panel.

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