For over 5 crore Indians Suffering from Drought ..........

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

More than five crore people in various parts of our country are in the grip of a severe drought. Crops have withered away, water sources have dried up, there is no fodder for cattle.

In village after village, hunger stalks men, women and children.

They can only stare at the parched earth and hope that this year the monsoon will not elude them.

But the rains are still months away.

We cannot leave our own brothers and sisters at the mercy of their fate or the cruelty of vagaries of nature. At this moment they need our help - to tide over the calamity that has fallen upon them, to survive hunger and disease, to rebuild their lives and to save their cattle that often are their only wealth.

The Union Government has been releasing funds from the National Fund for Calamity Relief and other schemes.

However, given the severity of the drought and the large number of people and cattle who need to be provided with food and fodder, these funds are inadequate. You can help meet the shortage by contributing money, no matter how small the amount, to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.

Last year, it was your assistance that enabled us to meet the challenge posed by the super cyclone that devastated coastal Orissa, I am confident that this time too, you shall come forward to lend a helping hand to your brothers and sisters.

Together we can overcome this challenge.

Jai Hind!

                                                                                                Atal Bihari Vajpayee
                                                                                                Prime Minister of India

......... your response can make the difference.

Please send your donations to Prime Minister's National Relief Fund at the Prime Minister's Office, South Block, New Delhi-110011, India. All donations are 100% exempt under the Indian Income Tax Act. Those making contributions through their credit card can also fax the slip below to 011-91-11-3010849. Your donation can also be sent to the Consulate General of India, 2 Bloor Street West, # 500, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3E2, Fax : 416-960-9812 or to the nearest Consulate, Embassy, or High Commission of India for onward transmission to Prime Minister's Office, New Delhi.

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