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Savita Junnarkar

Savita J.JPG (10045 bytes)(Brampton) -- Peel Regional Council has approved the appointment of Mrs. Savita Junnarkar as the citizen appointment to the Peel Police Services Board, to serve from April 9, 1998 until November 30, 2000.

"I am very pleased to announce Mrs. Junnarkar's appointment," said Regional Councillor Gael Miles, who chaired the selection committee. "We had a large number (74) of excellent applicants for this one position, and their strong credentials and community experience made the selection process difficult."

"However, we found that Savita came to us with everything we were looking for. She has an extensive and varied background in community service and she will be able to bring a new and welcome skill set to the Peel Police Services Board," Miles said.

I am pleased to welcome Mrs. Junnarkar to this organization," said Emil Kolb, who is Chair of the Region of Peel and also Chair of the Peel Police Services Board. "She has provided her time and expertise to the community in a variety of areas including serving on the Joint Steering Committee for the Merger of Mississauga and Queensway Hospitals and is a member of the Brampton Race Relations Committee. I know that all of the members of the Peel Regional Police Services Board, and the police officers and civilian members of the Peel Regional Police Force, join me in congratulating Mrs. Junnarkar on her appointment."

The Peel Police Services Board is responsible for the provision of police services, law enforcement and crime prevention within the Region of Peel. The Board is comprised of three municipal council representatives, three provincial representatives and one citizen appointment. For this selection process, newspaper advertisements were placed in Mississauga and Brampton newspapers.

Candidates had to be residents of Peel, owners or tenants in Peel, or the spouse of such a person, and Canadian citizens over 18. Also, candidates could not be an MPP or MP or Senator, or elected official of municipal councils, or a judge or justice of the peace, or a police officer.


Prior to this appointment, Mrs. SAVITA JUNNARKAR has served on many Boards and Committees in Canada as outlined below :

1997 - Board Of -Directors -The Mississauga Queensway Hospital (After Merger) Chair-Human Resources Committee
1993 -1997 Board Of Directors .- The Mississauga Hospital
1991-1996 Board Of Governors - Sheridan College Of Applied Arts & Technology
1991 - 1992 President - Peel Multicultural Council
1992 -(Two Terms)- Brampton Race Relations
1985-1988 President and Director - India Rainbow Community Services Of Peel

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