April 2002

The following presentations were video taped in presence of a live audience of about 45 persons on March 31, 2002 in Scarborough, Ontario. The Vanik Samaj of Toronto assisted in co-ordinating this session. The FCA Group helped us by partially sponsoring this session. 

For our special video presentation with guests (Mr. Bhagat Taggar, Mrs. Arti Chandaria, and Mrs. Rashmi Anand), please click here.

For our special video presentation on Vanik Samaj of Toronto, please click here.

For our special video presentation on the FCA Group, please click here.

Subsequent to receiving an e-mail from Col. Azmatulla, we were able to include him in our session for special video presentations. For his interview and comments from other participants, please click here
For the e-mail he sent to us, please click here.

We will soon be presenting a special on Yoga, please visit us next time.

The Vanik Samaj of Toronto organized a successful Talent Show on April 6, 2001 at North Albion Collegiate Institute in Etobicoke, Ontario. 

Some students of Academy of Folk & Fine Arts (members of Vanik Samaj of Toronto) presented a bamboo dance. The bamboos were clapped by Rajen & Rekha Merchant who also directed the dance. The dancers were (in the order of appearance) Krupa Shah, Keya Shah, and Shreya Shah. To view the dance, please click here.

For Garba presentation, please click here.

* Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce organized an I.T. seminar "Technology Trends and Direction" with Keynote Speaker Mr. Arup Gupta, President, Tata Consultancy Services on Thursday, April 4, 2002. Subhash and Rashmi Anand represented us at the seminar. For their comments, please click here.

* Vedanta Society of Toronto has organized a lecture “Reflection of Oneself” by Guest Speaker Buddhist Monk, Brother Doji (Thich Dao Tri) on Friday, April 28, 2002. For details, please call Swami Pramathananda at 416-240-7262.

* Canadian International Peace Project  invites you to commence celebration of the inaugural South Asian Heritage Month in Ontario on Wednesday, May 1, 2002. For details, please call Mark Persaud at 416-954-9415, Mobeen Khoja at 905-683-7447, or Rev. Cameron Brett at 416-593-5600 or click here.

Our congratulations to Urmi (daughter of Nirupama & Jyotindra Shah, Youngstown, Ohio, USA) on the occasion of her wedding.